The Laboratory Pierre Aigrain (CNRS-LPA) is a joint organization between the CNRS, the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) and University Paris Diderot (UPD). The CNRS laboratories are based at ENS, which is classed as the leading higher education and research institute in France.  The CNRS-LPA is a world-class physics institute in the field of condensed matter. The main research domains are the optical (from the terahertz to the ultraviolet) and electrical properties (from DC to gigahertz frequencies) of semiconductor and metallic nanostructures, ranging from quantum dots to carbon nano-materials.

The THz group at CNRS-LPA that is involved in this project specialises in ultrafast THz spectroscopy and nonlinear THz interactions within intersubband, spin and carbon based devices. The group possesses considerable experience on optics, non-linear and ultrafast optics, as well as know-how associated with ultrafast lasers and THz radiation manipulation in the frequency and time domains. Recent highlights have included injection seeding of QCLs, phase resolved emission of QCL modelocking and the application of resonant non-linearties to generate optical sidebands using QCLs. This know-how is ideal for the role of the CNRS-LPA in the ultrafast switching of polariton states and the generation of short and intense pulses from polariton based devices. CNRS-LPA is one of the few groups that have the expertise in phase resolved emission of laser emission on ultrafast time scales which make it adapted for its role in the MIRBOSE project.

Main contact : Sukhdeep Dhillon – Email: sukhdeep.dhillon(at)

Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain
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