The Physics Department at Pisa University is one of the main Italian ones with over 170 new students each year. It has a long-standing record of excellent research in areas as diverse as particle physics, theoretical physics, as well as cold atoms and condensed matter. In 2014 it has been ranked at number 24 by the QS World Ranking. The recently established group of THz and mid-IR photonics led by Alessandro Tredicucci brought about new strong competences in semiconductor opto-electronic devices and physics, with a leading international profile on intersubband polaritonics, quantum cascade lasers, and THz graphene devices. Among relevant highlights one has to mention the first demonstration of intersubband polaritons (PRL 2003), the observation of ultra-strong coupling features in the dispersion (PRB 2009), the non-adiabatic sub-cycle modulation of intersubband polaritons (Nature 2009), the demonstration of polaritonic CPA (Nature Phys. 2104).

Main Contact: Prof. Alessandro Tredicucci – Email: alessandro.tredicucci(at)

Department of Physics
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